Filters are a great way to manage your Wish List, find your favorites, or narrow your choices to something a bit easier to manage.  You can access the filter settings by tapping on "Filter" in the title bar of the main display.  If the "Filter" button text is red, then you know that there is at least one filter currently active.  If the "Filter" button text is blue, then you know that are you viewing all of the items available for the current event.

The two filtering settings we found to be the most useful are:

Show Wished For + Hide Tasted
This filter allowed us keep checking our list for what we knew we wanted to try, but hadn't yet sampled.  Combining this with the map showed us which items were the closest to where we were standing.

Show Tasted + Show Unrated
This filter allowed us to view everything we'd already sampled, but hadn't yet rated.  The rating system is a one to four star system, which we used later to discuss and review the things we thought were the best (and worst) of the festival.

There are many combinations of settings that you can use to tailor the list of items to your exact needs.  I encourage you to spend a little time playing around with the settings so that you can get the most out of this extremely powerful, but easy to use capability.