Welcome to the Walt Disney World Food & Wine app

I hope you will find this app as useful as we do!  For the past few years, we've been testing this app at the Epcot Food & Wine and Flower & Garden festivals.  Our goal was to make the app simple, clear and easy to use even in the bright Florida sun.

Once you have downloaded the app, we recommend going through the items and select the things you want to try by adding them to your "Wish List."  Then, when you visit the Food & Wine Festival and start eating your way around the World Showcase, you can check them off and rate them using the filtering options.

We did our best to flag the various items as being gluten-free, vegetarian and even items that qualify for the Disney Dining Plan (labeled with DDP) but please double-check any item of concern with the vendor (especially if you have any food allergies) before making your purchase.

The iOS version has a "View All" feature that will show up for any location has some items hidden due to filtering.  Rather than turning the filters on/off every time you walk up to a new food booth, you can just tap the "View All" button to see all of the items available at that location.

Each food booth location has a number associated with it.  The numbers align with the map numbers provided as part of the festival, which we hope will make it easier to find your "must have" items.

For those of you traveling from outside of the United States, we also support more than 80 currency exchange rates, updated twice daily, to make your experience more enjoyable.  

Most importantly, thank you for using our app! 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.