While I am in no way affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, I do admire their creativity, attention to detail and especially their relentless commitment to customer service.

Welcome to my one-man software shop, working (thanks to the generous support and understanding of my family) every day on the things that inspire me the most.  As you can see from my offering, our family is rather Disney focused (some might say obsessed) and I have been busy building the apps that we want to enhance our Disney experience.

For example, please check out the Epcot® International Food & Wine app -- it was surprising to me that no one had built an app to help track and more easily enjoy such an amazing event.  And in order to help my family remember how much time we had remaining before our next trip, the Roku® screensaver app became another obvious gap in the app ecosystem.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my small corner of the internet and for supporting the work I do.  I sincerely hope that you are enjoying the apps that I have created as much as I do!  Sharing them is what makes the experience the most enjoyable for me.