+ When will the app be updated for the next event?

Once the event booths and food items have been announced, we usually get "partial" event available (booths and items, but no prices) within a day or two. The final list of items, prices and food details is usually not known until the first day of the actual event. We try to get those updates processed by the end of the first or second day. Note that these updates are automatically downloaded (no app update is necessary).

+ Why are there food booth items missing from the app?

This is almost always a problem with caused by the filtering capability. It's easy to set up a filter using the filter button in the upper right-hand corner of the main screen (next to the Map button). If the button is tinted red (or blinking), then it means you have a filter in place and that will cause some of the food booth items to be absent from your display.

You can remove your filters, or use the "Full Menu" (iOS) or "Show Filtered" (Android) button on the booth header to see the complete menu for that specific booth. This is a handy way to bypass the filter for just one booth as you're making your way around the World Showcase.

+ What are the numbers after the food booth location description?

The numbers for the food booths correspond to the map number for the event. Pick up an event map anywhere around the world showcase and follow along with the app to find your next "must have" treat.

+ What do the map location (pin) colors mean?

The location colors are determined in the following order:

  • Blue: There is at least one item at this location you have in your Wish List that you have not yet tried.
  • Red: There is at least one item at this location that you have marked as a "Favorite."
  • Green: There is at least one item at this location that you have marked as "Tasted."
  • Orange: You have not selected any items from this location.

This order allows you to easily find locations where you have items you still want to try, as well as easily finding your favorites after you've completed the items on your Wish List.

+ How can I just see the items I have in my wish list, but haven't tried yet?

This is one of our favorite filters! It lets you easily find nearest food items remaining in your wish list.

To set up this filter, go into the Filter menu from the main display, and set "Wished For" to "Show" and "Tasted" to "Hide" -- when you navigate back to the main screen, it will be filtered to show just the the items you still want to try.

+ Do you have an Android version of the app?

Yes! You asked and we listened... You can find the WDW Food&Wine app in the Google Play Store.

+ How often do you update the currency conversion rates?

The currency conversion rates are updated twice daily (0100 and 1300 UTC).

+ Does the app support sharing user data between devices?

At this time, there is no support for sharing your lists, ratings or notes between devices. It's something we're continuing to investigate and will support when we find a solution that provides a complete and intuitive user experience.