When you're a child, the future holds limitless possibilities.  

Here at Small World Code, LLC, we have not forgotten that future.   We still dream of warp drive, transporters and jet-packs.  And while we are dreaming of that future, we are busy writing the apps that inspire us.  

Thank you for sharing our journey.


WDW Food&Wine App

Enhance your Epcot® Festival experience by using our app to help you track your "must have" items as well as providing additional information, pricing and maps. Please try it out and if you find it as useful as we did, consider leaving us a good review on the app store!  We support the Food & Wine, Flower & Garden, Festival of the Holidays and Festival of the Arts events on the iOS and Android platforms.  The apps are completely free; we support them because we want everyone to enjoy the events as much as we do.

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Countdown to the Magic

How many more days until your magical Disney vacation? Our free Roku® screensaver will tell you! Enter your departure date using the Screensavers menu (in Settings) and let your Roku do the rest. Use this screensaver as a fun way to count down to any magical date.  

Apple TV doesn’t support third-party screensavers, so at this time, we have a stand-alone application for the Apple TV, with the hope that (someday) they will allow us to register as an official screensaver.

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Contact Us

We're here and we're listening.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our apps, issues with using them, suggestions for enhancements or ideas for new apps that would inspire you. Watch for us at future Food & Wine and Flower & Garden Festivals!

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