If you have a Roku® streamer, you can use our free screensaver app as a fun way to countdown to your upcoming "magical" vacation!  Once your departure date has passed, the screensaver will start displaying some of our favorite photographs of Walt Disney World.  If you have any suggestions for features, or wish to report any issues you might be having with the screensaver, please let us know!  We are continuing to make small enhancements and performance improvements on the app, as well as updating the photos from time to time, to keep the app fresh.

At this time, we only support our countdown app for Roku streamers.  We are actively working on a tvOS® stand-alone app in the hope that some day, Apple® will open the tvOS® screensaver capability to the development community.  Until then, please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can help you prepare for your magical vacation!

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